Cover Judge | Book Polarity, Subjectivity & Semantic Analyzer.

Cover Judge | The purpose of this project is evaluate the closeness of the writing composition between one book and a group of other books. 

About the Developer.

To do this I have broken down the steps into two parts in the code above.

Works with the content of each book. Every book that comes into the parser:

  • Has it’s parts of speech and sentiment calculated.
  • Has it’s stop words and proper nouns removed.
  • Remaining POS (Part of Speech) Tags, Words, and Sentiment is saved as raw json to be read by the analyzer.

Works with the content of each book in respect to every other book:

  • Look at the sentiment over time and mark period of book where it crossed certain thresholds.
  • Use TFIDF vectorization to compare common and unique words in all books and output most similar books.
  • Use cosine similarity to characterize defining words in each book that appear the least in the other books.

I have added an output of the text as well to this repo as results.txt.


A demo of this technique is below. Final product demo



Polarity, Subjectivity, & Semantic Analyzer

Defining Words & Similar Books